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Welcome Kelli A. Wilkins today

Please give a warm welcome to Sam Hixton, the hero from Lies, Love & Redemption by Kelli A. Wilkins. Today we sit down and see what makes him tick.

Q: Greetings, Sam. Before we get started, could you tell our readers about the book?
Sure, I’m glad to. Lies, Love & Redemption is a full-length novel set on the Nebraska prairie in 1877 and blends a steamy Western romance with mystery and danger. It has a little bit of everything: humor, sadness, and more than a few spicy love scenes. (Grins.)

Q: Tell us about yourself. What got you in the crosshairs for your author?
I’m not sure what I did to make Kelli annoyed at me, but the book begins with me shot and half-dead, stumbling across the prairie. I’m at the lowest point in my life then, and I was ready to fall down and not bother to get up. I’m not usually like that; I’m known for being resilient and determined. Once I set my sights on a goal, I go after it. Of course, that’s how I got into that predicament in the first place—but that’s a long story.

I made my way to Cassie Wilcox’s store and she saved my life. Against her better judgment, Cassie allowed me to stay with her until I recovered. When I was back on my feet I felt that I had a debt to pay, and that it was my duty to watch over Cassie. Naturally, this led to lots of conflict between us. And it didn’t help that the townsfolk (and Luke, the sheriff) didn’t trust me because I was a stranger, and I defended Cassie when she needed it.

Cassie brought me back into the land of the living (in more ways than one), although it wasn’t easy for either of us. We both had issues with trusting other people, and ourselves.

Q: What drew you to Cassie? Tell us about her.
Cassie is an amazing woman for our time. When I met her, she was running a general store that had seen better days. The store meant everything to her and she was determined to keep it open, no matter what. Cassie lived in Holloway all her life, and her father used to run the store. After a tragic incident, Cassie inherited the store, but the puritanical townspeople didn’t approve of her independent ways and wanted to drive her out.

I admired Cassie’s strength and perseverance, and discovered that under her seemingly gruff exterior, she was a sensitive woman who longed to be loved. Of course, she refused to admit that, and we had our fair share of spats from the moment we met. (Laughs.) That probably made me love her even more.

Q: What is it about Cassie that makes you crazy in a good way?
Sometimes she’s just so dang headstrong! She’ll get an idea to do something, and off she goes. Of course I’m able to settle her, but that’s because she loves and trusts me. In the book, I have to be the calm voice of reason and tell her to slow down and make a logical plan to do something. Cassie was on her own and had to rely on herself for everything. Now she has me to help her, whether she wants the help or not.

Q: Was there an instant attraction between you?
Oh yes! I was attracted to Cassie from the moment I first woke up—even though she wasn’t very nice to me. Cassie fell for me, too, but she had a hard time admitting it. Part of her didn’t want to get attached because her heart’s been broken before, and she didn’t want to feel vulnerable again.
Q: Do you sometimes want to strangle your writer? What sort of upsetting or embarrassing things did Kelli do to you and Cassie in the book?
I was put through the worst trials and tribulations imaginable before the book started. (I can’t divulge them here, but they were whoppers!) Of course, the troubles from my past resurfaced just as I was settling in and making a new life with Cassie. Our relationship was nearly destroyed a few times (thanks, Kelli!) due to trust issues (or rather, “lack of trust” issues), and we almost went our separate ways toward the end. It was a very emotional time for me, and I’ll admit, I wasn’t always seen in a good light.

One thing Kelli did that has caused some controversy is portray the way that Cassie and I made love for the first time. We didn’t have a “traditional” super-romantic love scene—instead, we gave into our passion in the pantry while we were being shot at!

Kelli has taken a lot of criticism for this scene, but it works. Cassie and I had been denying our feelings for far too long, and when I thought we might be killed, I kissed her. That sparked a chain reaction and we just did what came natural. All we wanted was to be with each other, and hell, for all we knew, we might have died that night. Who could blame us for that?

Cassie didn’t have a problem with it, and neither did I, but some readers and reviewers looked down at us (and gave Kelli heat) for it. Sorry folks, but that’s just how it was. Kelli was writing our story, and to change that scene would not have been authentic to us as characters. It wasn’t a one-time thing, and yes, of course, it wasn’t the “gentlemanly” way I had imagined being with Cassie, but it happened.

Later in the book, Cassie and I have several steamy “proper” love scenes, so I hope that “makes up” for our heated passion in the pantry.

Q: Describe yourself in four words.
Loyal. Dependable. Funny. Mysterious.

Q: What do you do for a living?
Right now I’m working in a hardware store, and loving it. Why? (Laughs) Nobody’s shooting at me! A long time ago, I used to be a sheriff, and that got me into a lot of trouble. That experience came in handy in the book, but I’m glad to put that violent lifestyle behind me.

Q: What do you fear the most?
I fear what most people fear—losing the people they love. Before I met Cassie I suffered a great personal loss and it took me a very long time to get over it. I nearly lost Cassie a few times in the book, and I was reminded all over again how short and precious life is.

Q: Anything else you want to add?
Lies, Love & Redemption is a great book, if I do say so myself. It’s gotten several excellent reviews and is a perfect way to lose yourself in another place and time. If you like Westerns, you’ll love this story. And if you’ve never read one, now’s your chance.

Kelli has also written two other historical romances for Medallion Press: The Viking’s Witch and Dangerous Indenture. From what I heard, they’re pretty good, too. Lots of action, adventure, mystery, drama, and hot love scenes! I’ve learned that Kelli doesn’t write boring books. She says that although she writes a lot of historical romances, they all take place in different time periods and different places. So, she’s not “just” writing Westerns or “only” writing about a certain century.

Her romances span all genres (contemporary, historical/fantasy, gay, paranormal) and range from mild to super-spicy. I encourage everyone to check out all of her books here: or and read more about them on her site:
Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with readers. This was fun. I might ask Cassie to visit in an upcoming chat.

Thank you, Sam, for joining us today. Here’s a look at Lies, Love & Redemption:

Lies, Love & Redemption

Shot and left for dead, Sam Hixton stumbles into a general store on the Nebraska prairie and collapses into the arms of Cassie Wilcox.

Cassie’s world is turned upside down when the handsome stranger drops into her life. Sam is another complication she doesn’t need: her business is dying and her trouble with the townspeople is escalating. Yet she’s determined to keep the store open — no matter what the cost.

As Sam recovers from his injuries, he hides the truth about his identity and convinces Cassie to let him work in the store. He’s attracted to her and admires her independent nature but quickly realizes Cassie’s in way over her head. They fight their growing attraction, and Cassie questions whether she can trust her fragile heart to a mysterious stranger. Will he accept her once he knows about her troubled past?

Cassie resists Sam’s advances and represses her feelings until one fateful night when they give in to their fiery passion. Together, they work out a plan to save the store but find their efforts are thwarted—and their lives endangered—by the locals.

Sam’s secret returns to haunt him and pulls him away just when Cassie needs him the most. Will he regain her trust when she learns the truth? Cassie has everything invested in the store—can she save it and find true love with Sam before it’s too late?

Here’s a mild excerpt:

Cassie removed the sling and uncovered Sam’s shoulder. She bent forward, resting her hand on the center of Sam’s chest. His skin was warm, and she felt his muscles ripple beneath his skin.

Her heart beat faster, and she closed her eyes. She shouldn’t be in here. It wasn’t proper, and yet… It took all her willpower not to peek at his lower half again.

“How is it?”

She opened her eyes and checked the wound. “It looks fine to me.” A lock of hair came loose from her bun and brushed across Sam’s chest. He reached up with his good hand and tucked it behind her ear.

Before she could protest, he leaned in close and kissed her.

Oh, Lord.

Sam’s lips moved against hers, slow and tender, as if he expected her to pull away or slap him. She didn’t. Instead, she closed her eyes and gave in.

Sam clutched her tighter, pulling her down to him. Her fingertips splayed against his bare chest, and she moaned. God, it felt good to be kissed and held by a strong man again.

A warm pulsing sensation flooded between her legs as Sam slipped his tongue into her mouth. She lost herself in his embrace and everything faded away. After what seemed like forever, Sam broke the kiss.

“Stay with me,” he whispered.

She gazed into his blue eyes. “I can’t. I should—”

“Yes, you can. I’ll treat you right. We’ll only do as much as you want. Kissing and cuddling, that’s all,” he said, then kissed her again.

That’s all? That wouldn’t be enough for her. Once they got down to serious kissing and touching, she wouldn’t want to stop. And she wouldn’t let Sam stop—even if he wanted to.

Cassie melted in his arms. Their tongues entwined, probing and exploring each other’s mouths. Sam’s kisses stripped her of all reason and left her with a raging desire that needed to be sated.

It would be so easy to give in, to say yes, stay here all afternoon and…Was Sam healthy enough to make love? Lord almighty, what was she thinking? She knew better. After all she’d been through, she knew she should resist him, but…

“Cassie? You here?” Luke bellowed from downstairs.

She yanked herself from Sam’s arms. “Damn!”

“Don’t answer him.”

“I have to. If I don’t, he’ll come up here.” She stood and adjusted the covers over Sam’s chest. “Be down in a minute,” she hollered.

“Get rid of him and come back. I think I’m on my way to a speedy recovery,” Sam said, grinning.

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Kelli A. Wilkins is an award-winning author who has published more than 100 short stories, 19 romance novels, and 5 non-fiction books.

Her romances span many genres and heat levels, and she’s also been known to scare readers with her horror stories.

Kelli’s writing book, You Can Write—Really! A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fiction is a fun and informative guide filled with writing exercises and helpful tips all authors can use.

Look for a new historical (Gothic) romance coming in Summer of 2018!

Visit her website and blog to learn more about all of her writings.

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WRITERS WRITE... WRITING PARTNERS FEUD ~ Perceptions Armidillo and Fleas?

“Fleas know not whether they are upon the body of a giant or upon one of ordinary stature,” wrote the poet Landor. As a flea in the world of writing, I know that Angelica is giantesque.

A: (Tosses a stuffed elephant at Zi) “Where are you going with this? Is this about my weight?”

Z: “Weight? You’ve weight?” (he smiles)

A: I am zaftig...pleasingly curvy...Rubenesque-like. (Stands and holds herself proudly imitating the statue of liberty)

Z: Ah, perception...perception...perception! I was talking about your creativity.

A: Oh...errrr...never mind.

Z: However, since we are on the subject....

There is that fantasy world that often portrays perfection and is also quite appealing, sometimes that has to be honored and if the story dedicates such perfection we respond to that truth. Oscar Wilde said, "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." Therein lies the complexity, especially when it comes to writing. We hope to always give an extra dimension to our stories. We, of course, will describe our character but we rarely comment on a particular size. A heroine can be curvy or athletically built or soft and feminine or whatever, but we downplay any homage to the media phenomena of being a size minus two.

A: Getting philosophical are we?

Z: (Tosses a stuffed armadillo at Angelica, wishing to give equally opportunity tossing to all stuffed creatures)

A: (Cuddles the wee beasty and grins at it) Whacky is also a perception.

Z: Are you calling me whacky?

A: According to the dictionary, whacky is an adjective that describes odd or crazy. Our problem is deciding which of us is odd and who is crazy?

Z: You're over-analyzing.

A: Am not. Z: You always do that.

A: I'm intellectualizing.

Z: You're so strange.

A: Hmmm, then I guess that makes me odd and YOU crazy.
Margaret Hungerford wrote, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." She was an Irish novelist in the 19th century who wrote light romantic fiction. However, this saying first appeared in the 3rd century BC in Greek. And, as all know, what was considered beautiful differed from each era. Beauty from our parents' day differs from the perception of beauty today. That is why we try to make the beauty of our heroines are unique, special, brushed an unusual hue.

Z: Something we fully agree upon.

A: Have you ever considered that the literary gods have a sense of humor by putting us together as writers?

Z: I think they wanted to see what would happen if they mixed two independent writers with 1 part logic, 1 part zany, and 2 parts stubborn.
A: Am not stubborn!

Z: Did I say it was you?

A: Oh... (thinks) No, but if you meant me, I'm not stubborn just... well... just usually right.

Z: (Opens his mouth to speak, and then just keeps quite, shaking his head)  
We'd love to hear from anyone interested in what we do. Anyone who writes us at (Write - Blog Dawn - in subject line) and leaves an s-mail address, we will send you a free ebook (choose erotic or romantic thriller) and add you to any future mailings.

Angelica Hart and Zi ~ Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane - -

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Guest Author Day with Michal Scott

Please give a warm welcome to author Michal Scott who joins us today to talk about their latest sexy romance, Better to Marry than to Burn.

How did you start writing Romance? 
I got turned onto writing romance after listening to a This American Life segment called What’s Love Got To Do With It? which featured Romance Writers of America. It sounded like a great place to get started and it was.

Plotter or pantster? 
I’m a plotter on steroids. I haven’t met a chart I didn’t like.

What are three things you have on your writing desk? 
A Starbucks insulated cup filled with Earl Gray tea, my cell phone and my laptop.

Tell us a little about your new release. What character in the book really spoke to you? 
Better To Marry Than To Burn is a battle of the sexes set in 1870’s Texas between an ex-slave and his snooty Philadelphia born mail-order bride. I relate most to Queen. Outwardly she’s in control but in inwardly she’s vulnerable, hoping someone will care. 

Finish this sentence: I write because ____...
I write because writing is singing on paper and I love singing.

What is your favorite type of character to write about?
The type with self-esteem issues. I love writing the growth arc for someone coming into a full sense of themselves and of the positivity that flows not only for them but for those they’re involved with.

What is the sexiest scene you ever wrote?
In my last novella, One Breath Away, my hero makes love to my plus-sized heroine on their wedding night, first by slowly and lovingly undressing her then by bathing her in huge claw foot tub with warm scented water before introducing her to the wonders of anal sex. 

What is next on your writerly horizon?
I’ve got two projects: another erotic historical novella, The Bad Ones Aren’t As Bad and my first romcom romance, The Things We Do For Love.

Erotic Historical Romance
Wild Rose Press

Book blurb: 
Freed Man seeking woman to partner in marriage for at least two years in the black township of Douglass, Texas. Must be willing and able to help establish a legacy. Marital relations as necessary. Love neither required nor sought.

Caesar King's ad for a mail-order bride is an answer to Queen Esther Payne’s prayer. Her family expects her to adhere to society's traditional conventions of submissive wife and mother, but Queen refuses. She is not the weaker sex and will not allow herself to be used, abused or turned into a baby-making machine under the sanctity of matrimony. Grateful that love is neither required nor sought, she accepts the ex-slave's offer and heads West for marriage on her terms. Her education and breeding will see to that. However, once she meets Caesar, his unexpected allure and intriguing wit makes it hard to keep love at bay. How can she hope to remain her own woman when victory may be synonymous with surrender? 

Buy the book at:

Queen Esther Payne arrived at noon on September 14th and proved to be a paragon indeed. 
Caesar gawked at the copper-toned Amazon who emerged from the stagecoach like royalty descending from a throne. 
Queen. Her name definitely suited. Only Cleopatra could have fit better. Maybe Sheba.
The afternoon sunlight crowned her with rays of gold. Kinky black ringlets covered her head, declaring she had a Nubian pride befitting the woman he’d want to wed. She used her bonnet to fan away dirt dusted up by the stagecoach’s departure. Her twisting and turning revealed an hourglass waist above curvaceous hips. 
At his approach, her eyebrow curved over a gaze brimming with criticism. 
“Caesar King?”
He removed his hat and extended his hand in greeting. “At your service, Queen.”
She donned her hat and examined him with that regal air. 
“Miss Payne, if you please. You may call me Queen after the nuptials.” She finished tying her hat’s long ribbons beneath her chin. “Although, even then, I’d prefer Mrs. King.”
“You don’t say?” He chuckled, taking her measure from head to foot. “Well, Miss Payne it is…for now.”
She filled her face with a frown. “I don’t appreciate being examined like some newly purchased cow, Mr. King.”
He pulled back. Amusement wrestled with annoyance. “I’m making sure you measure up, Miss Payne.” 
“Pray to what criteria? I doubt there’s a standard for marriages of convenience.” She shoved her valise against his chest then crossed her arms, causing her lovely bosom to swell. 
He inhaled against the pull of desire throbbing in his privates. “The same criteria as you I suspect: my own self-worth and what I deserve.” He dropped the bag at her feet. “So, by that token, I don’t appreciate being treated like some fetch-and-carry boy.” 
She lowered her gaze. But for the set of her jaw he’d have taken the gesture for apology. 
He leaned forward and whispered, “If you ask me nicely, I’d gladly carry your bag.”
“A gentleman wouldn’t need to be asked.” Her tone dripped with disdain. “A gentleman would simply take it.”
“I do many things, Miss Payne.” He pushed up the brim of his hat and grinned, fired up by the hazel flame sparking in her eyes. “Pretending to be a gentleman doesn’t number among them.” 
She firmed her full lips into a thin angry line. “But you do aspire to establish a legacy—like a gentleman would.”
“If marrying you to leave a legacy makes me a gentlemen, then I must agree. Although, your letter made it clear you weren’t looking for a gentleman. In fact, if you had your way, you wouldn’t be looking for a man at all…gentlemanly or otherwise.” 
She responded with a slight rise in her eyebrows.
He thumbed over his shoulder. “Our marriage carriage awaits.” 
He sauntered toward his wagon, not surprised to find when he looked back, her highness hadn’t moved. But uncertainty colored her imperiousness and rippled in her frown. 
“The stagecoach back East isn’t due until midday tomorrow,” he shouted.  
“Hmmpf.” She turned her back on him, presenting a bustle-less skirt that outlined a behind, round and ripe for his inspection.
He huffed out a breath, cupped his hands and shouted again. 
“We’ve a minister waiting…if you’re staying.”
Of course she was staying. She’d never have agreed to marry him if she’d had another choice. Philadelphia’s Lombard Street, bastion of black privilege it may be, had only one place for a daughter of Lesbos who wouldn’t marry: the insane asylum.
Marriage to him here in the West was her last—and probably only—refuge. 
She stalked toward him. Her bag made her lean to the side, forcing her hips to rock in a salacious sway. He enjoyed the sight too much to repeat his offer to carry the satchel for her.
 As she neared him, the words of the apostle Paul rang in Caesar’s ears.
I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, it is good for them if they abide even as I. But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.
Burn? Try blaze. Their couplings would be for sexual release, not emotional satisfaction. He closed his eyes and reminded himself of the terms he’d set for their arrangement.
Marital relations as necessary. Love neither required nor sought.

Author Bio and links

History has been an old passion of mine. Romance a recent one. The opportunity to combine the two came in the 2016 publication of my novella, One Breath Away. Now Better To Marry Than To Burn has solidified the union.
I’ve been writing professionally since 2008 and belong to the inspirational, gothic and erotic romance chapters of Romance Writers of America. A surprising, but never boring combination of genres for a retired minister. 

Twitter: @mscottauthor1

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Book Review- Secrets of the Tulip Sisters

A story about sisters, families and how love in its many forms can change a life.

My Rating for Secrets of the Tulip Sisters: 3 Stars

Kelly Murphy is the good sister, the one who follows the rules no matter what. After her mother left and her younger sister sent away, she buried herself in learning the family business and making it a success with her father. Now older, Kelly is determined to not give Griffith Burnett the time of day. He shows up everywhere she is, Kelly almost feels like he is stalking her. Then another surprise pops up on her doorstep- her wayward sister, Olivia shows up and now Kelly is torn by the past that haunts her, the relationship she is forging with her sister even as she tries to stay away from Griffith who batters against the wall around her heart and try to keep her head above water.

Olivia is determined to reclaim her spot in the family, even if that means butting heads with her older sister, Kelly but both girls have secrets that come tumbling out that will change them and force them to confront their past and present in order to have a future. Can these two very different sisters find a way to bridge their gaps and forge a stronger bond or will it all come tumbling down around them?

Susan Mallery is a wonderful storyteller and I normally enjoy her books but in this latest, SECRETS OF THE TULIP SISTERS, I had a hard time getting behind Olivia and Kelly until mid-way into the book. Kelly just annoyed me, and Olivia felt like a person I would avoid like the plague until I got to half way point and then the layers came off. I am glad I stuck with it because I found myself enjoying the banter between Kelly and Olivia a lot once they let their guards down. They were completely different people and I liked how once the author got under the skin so to speak that the reader truly got to see who these two main characters really were. What I didn’t enjoy was Griffith and his determination to have Kelly. That just made my skin crawl and everything. I am all for a guy setting his sights on a woman and everything but showing up everywhere she is smacks in my opinion as stalkerish. I just could not enjoy him even after he convinces Kelly to take a chance with him. Who I did enjoy was Sven. He was a sexy breath of fresh air and I loved his relationship with Olivia and Kelly. The cast of characters are well written, but I do admit to having issues with one or two of them at times that caused me to put the book down and go read something else.

SECRETS OF THE TULIP SISTERS is a story about sisters, family and love in in all its splendor and messiness. Yes, there were parts that I just didn’t care for (characters who just didn’t hit all my love buttons, side stories that were not worth the read, etc) but Ms. Mallery does an admirable job in creating a story that tells a tale of family and how they reconnect with one another after a decade of silence. I may not have enjoyed parts of the book, but Ms. Mallery deftly weaves a story that I enjoyed in the last several chapters. I enjoyed I think Sven and Olivia’s relationship more than Kelly and Griffiths and I really thought this one had promise. If you enjoy a story about family, sisters and the messiness of love in all its forms then you might enjoy SECRETS OF THE TULIP SISTERS.

You can find Secrets of the Tulip Sisters at Amazon 

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Book Review- The Last Chance Matinee

A story about family secrets, siblings and the bond that ca grow between you.

My Rating for The Last Chance Matinee- 5 Stars and a Recommended Read

When Hollywood agent Fritz Hudson passes away he leaves behind secrets that come out of hiding. For Fritz left behind two families on opposite coasts who had no idea that the other existed and the three daughters he leaves behind find out about one another in a lawyer’s office. Allie and Des Hudson were products of his first marriage to an actress, Honora, a relationship that ended in tragedy. As his relationship with Honora was unraveling, Fritz was falling in love with Susa, a New Age Hippie that brought him such peace and gave him a daughter named Cara. But now with Fritz gone, he has the three sisters come together to hear what his terms are for their inheritance. The terms are clear- the sisters are to move to Fritz’s hometown in the Pocono Mountains and restore an old theater there that Fritz was obsessed about. All three must show up or else the inheritance is forfeit. Can Des, Allie and Cara find a way to turn their father’s dream into a reality or will they walk away from it all?

I absolutely adored this book. THE LAST CHANCE MATINEE had everything I love in a book-Captivating characters, a well thought out storyline that left me eager for more and some twists I sure did not see coming. With each page I flipped, I was drawn more and more into the story about three different sisters that had to work through a lot of shock and more when they find out about one another. I love Ms. Stewart’s writing and her books are always a winner with me. In her new series, we are introduced to the Hudson sisters, three siblings who had no idea about the other. Allie and Des are products of Fritz’s first marriage and have issues that they are dealing with. Cara is a woman who is trying to expand her business and try to move ahead in life after the shock of her marriage dissolving so suddenly. All three main characters are as different as can be, but they work so well together. Add in some surprise characters that helped flesh out the backstory of Fritz’s youth well, you get a well-rounded story that will leave you breathless.

Ms. Stewart delivers a great story that is based in part about a story that ran through her family as a child about two families who didn’t know about one another. That connection made the book so much more to me in my opinion and I enjoyed how she weaves that plot monkey in a way that leaves the reader clamoring for more. The characters are well written, so much so I enjoyed all three sisters immensely as each has their own strengths they bring to the renovation. There are a few twists that I thoroughly enjoyed and didn’t see coming.

THE LAST CHANCE MATINEE is a fun, enjoyable story that you will not be able to put down. I loved how the author captures all the differences in the sisters and it meshes wonderfully together in this book. I read this in two days and I am eager to see where the author goes next in the series and which sister is up next. THE LAST CHANCE MATINEE is a story not just of sisters, but also of family or working through things that may have knocked you down, but you still got some fight left in you. If you haven’t read Ms. Stewarts books before, this is a perfect introduction to her writing. I highly recommend this authors books and hope you can grab THE LAST CHANCE MATINEE as it is fabulous. I am sure you will enjoy it just as I did.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

 Find Book 1: The Last Chance Matinee at Amazon

Book 2, The Sugarhouse Blues will be out on May 15th, 2018 

Welcome Kelli A. Wilkins today

Please give a warm welcome to Sam Hixton , the hero from Lies, Love & Redemption by Kelli A. Wilkins . T oday we sit down and see ...