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Naughty Nights Blog Hop-Win Prizes

Happy Anniversary Naughty Nights Publishing!!!

Thanks for letting me celebrate with you. Before I get into my post here are the prizes being given away by myself and by Naughty Nights.

NNP are giving away 13 prizes, comprising of a Grand Prize 1 x Kindle Touch plus 2 ebooks from our Amazon back-list. We are also giving away 12 Second place prizes of a randomly chosen ebook from our Amazon back-list. Go to their blog to enter to win these awesome prizes.

From myself- I am giving away a $10 All romance Ebook store gift card to one lucky reader who leaves a comment with an email address (so I can contact you in regards to your prize if you win) on my post during the blog hop. I will announce the winner on July 2nd on my blog & facebook wall.

Now onto my blog post.....

What makes a good book?
I love to read. You never find me without a book (print) or my Nook Reader that has so far 28 pages of books in my library there. I never stopped loving reading. …

Welcome Ike Rose Today

Please give a warm welcome to Ike Rose, one of the contributing authors to the Hot Summer Fun Anthology.

The most common question asked of writers is: “Where do you get your ideas from?”. We all have different answers. Often, the origin of my stories comes from a friend sharing his sexual fantasies or adventures, and sometimes it's triggered by something I read in the news or history. However, my primary source of inspiration is my own life. My stories tend to be romances leading to long term committed relationships, because I've been in love with the same man for the thirty-one years we've been in a monogamous relationship. My main characters tend to be blue collar men struggling with coming out in the 1960's and 1970's because that was my personal experience, finally bursting out of the closet in my mid-twenties.
This may sound like there was little time for me to have exciting sexual adventures, but in one week, I'll be sixty-two, so I had a bit of time betwe…



There is something about evil that draws me into its labyrinth of dark heinousness. There is mystery in the pain of it, there is temptation in the promise of decadent pleasure, there is that longing to surrender without thought or restrain to the unknown and sometimes to the very well known, things one dappled with and found irresistibly wondrous. There it is, my secret. I adore evil. To clarify, I adore writing about it. I have a healthy respect for the muse and movement of it in the undercurrent and the potency it provides a story.

Plotinus in 200 AD wrote, "To deny evil a place among realities is necessarily to deny a way with the good as well." I am certain you often heard that evil cannot exist without good. For certain how can white exist without the contrast of black. The clench and chills of the reader is heightened when there are sharp defined lines between an honorable character facing a foe of a merciless horrendous nature. Though we might s…

Goddess Fish VBT~Marie Astor/Contest

Marie's Blog Tour Contest: Marie will be giving away three prizes of custom made jewelry to three randomly drawn commenters during the tour (Continental US only).:  Prize #1: Coral necklace sterling silver chandelier coral earrings set, Prize #2 Blue opal sterling silver plated necklace and Prize #3 Sterling silver chandelier earrings with green aventurine, rose quartz and amethyst .

The more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here:

This Tangled Thing Called Love by Marie Astor
Twenty-eight-year-old Claire Chatfield has everything a girl could possibly wish for: looks, a promising career at New York’s top architectural firm, and an engagement ring from one of New York’s most eligible heir-bachelors! Life should be a dream, but when Alec Brunell, a sexy tango dancer, moves into the apartment one floor above from Claire’s, he unwittingly awakens Claire’…

Guest Author Day with W. Lynn Chantale

Welcome to Dawn’s Reading Nook, W. Lynn Chantale. Please let my cabana boys/girls get you a drink and make yourself at home. Comfortable? Great…now let’s get down to business.
So tell us about yourself. What got you interested in writing? Who are your publisher(s)?
Hi Dawn, thank you so much for inviting me here today. Oh I just love the cabana boys. So yummy and muscular.
Now let's see you asked a question and I got distracted by all this…oh there's one of the security guards…Right back to the interview. I've always liked writing and did a lot of the creative stuff in school. Hated writing in journals, though. The teachers would give us some of the silliest first sentences. Anyway I started writing mystery stories with a preschool heroine. I didn't get interested in writing romance until maybe middle school/high school. As for who I write for now, Whispers Publishing, Breathless Press, Wild Rose Press, Still Moments and most recent. Evernight Publishing.
How did you start…

New Dreamspinner Press Releases this week to enjoy

Inside the Beltway by Ellen Holiday
Contemporary Novel
Buy in e-book & print

Senator Davis Hudson has a silver tongue that has so far kept the stress off those lesser political organs, the heart and the brain. But he’s just made a political speech that will transform him from a Senate back-bencher to a public figure and presidential contender—whether he’s ready or not—and suddenly he wants his words and actions to mean something. It’s a crucial time in his political career, and Davis needs all the publicity he can get. He just doesn’t expect the highlight of his first CNN interview to be the conversation he has with makeup artist Kurt Lamb.
Kurt is smart, politically savvy, and uninterested in being part of a congressional sex scandal, which is why he tolerates being Davis’s dirty little secret. Despite the poor timing, Davis falls for him hard.
But Kurt isn’t the only skeleton in Davis’s closet. Davis’s ex-wife isn’t happy that he’s pursuing the presidency now, after all her years of …

Welcome Guest Author Liv Rancourt today

Keeping It Real: Sex Scenes
Thanks so much, Dawn, for having me as a guest on the Reading Nook. I really appreciate the chance to connect with your readers.
Complaint of the day: I hate it when writers create love scenes that COULDN’T happen in real life. Like, I get that in reality, no super-sexy Johnny Depp lookalike is going to come running for my 50-year-old form, so when I read a romance, there’s an element of suspended disbelief from the very start.  What I object to (and I’m not directing my criticism at any particular person here) are phrases like, “he slid my jeans off in one smooth motion” . I mean, really? One SMOOTH motion? Unless you are under the age of 22 and wear pants that ride so low on your hips they threaten to slide off with every step, there is nothing smooth about a pair of jeans. In a real-life romantic moment, there’s some tugging involved. Or maybe some pulling. And there’s probably at least one awkward “ah, you’re lying on my hair”, if not an actual “ouch”.
I’m a…