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LR Cafe's 'Best of 2011' Awards were announced

2011 LRC’s “Best of” Awards Nominee List
Best Paranormal/Fantasy Book Andrea Speed-Pretty Monsters Protect & Serve: Sex on a Hoof by Silvia Violet Aurora Rose Lynn- Sweet as fire Cynthia Sax-Fangs in the Frosting Stephanie Burke-How not to date a fae Desiree Holt-Silent Hunter Lark LaTroy-Here Be Dragons Alisha Rai-Hot as Hades Brannan Black-Wolfman 5: Genesis Stormy Glenn-Cat’s Pride Dakota Dawn-Desperate Fay King Lynn Hagen-Tater’s Bear Cindy Spencer Pape-Motor City Witch Marjorie M. Liu-The Wild Road Sophie Jordan-Vanish Rowen Speedwell-Bitterwood L. Shannon- The Wish Lynne Connolly-Griffin’s Treasure
Best Book of 2011 TJ Klune-Bear, Otter and the Kid Rick R. Reed-Caregiver Kat Martin-Against the Storm RJ Scott-Texas Winter Cooper Mackenzie-Thanksgiving at Sanctuary Rita Sawyer-Her Mr. Wrong Lee Brazil-Keeping House Marianne Stephens-Anything You Can Do Kiru Taye-His Treasure Kim Harrison-Pale Demon Sherrilyn Kenyon-No Mercy KA Mitchell_Bad Boyfriend …

End of a year, a New one begins

One year is ending as another begins...seems like it was yesterday that it was summer and poof! it's now the last final days of December. Where did the time go? This year had a few low points with a ton of high points for me, personally and professionally. By far, I have enjoyed getting to know some new authors online, either in my yahoo chat loop, the LRC, or on facebook. I also found some great new books to rave about, start my M/M Print collection and wonder how I was going to get all these e-books read by the end of the year. *laughs* You can better believe that I am really thrilled I got a Nook Simple Touch this year for I can relax in bed reading instead of killing my eyeballs at the computer. :-)

As this year closes, I am thankful that my children are happy, content and well adjusted; that my honey and I weathered a few rough patches in our five and half year relationship and are still going strong; that even though we lost a dear family member this autumn,…

Welcome AJ Jarrett today/Blog Tour Stop

A new year is coming to a close and I have to say it has flown by. For me it’s been because I’ve had my nose stuck in my laptop writing. My hobby has become my passion and time flies when your bringing characters to life.
My name is AJ and come January it will be a year since I started on this journey of wanting to become a writer. I was a little hesitant at first but my husband said you never know unless you try. So here I am a year later with three books coming out through Silver Publishing and I’m happy to announce I just signed with Siren Publishing for a book schedule to come out in April.
Fate’s Second Chance is where it all began for to me. I love the characters of Marc and Shawn. Their story is one of heartache, struggles and ultimately a happy ever after. But getting to that happy ever after is harder than anyone could have guessed. A little humor is mixed in because I love to laugh and I think it helps lighten the mood of the story as to not make it a depressing story but o…


By: Angelica Hart and Zi

We’d like to share with you an excerpt (non-edited) from our Christmas 2012 release CHRISTMAS EVE…VIL.

About the story:

Resisting the fervent advances of Luke Calico while snowbound isn’t Anya’s only problem, she must also hide from the malicious preacher wishing to harness her power while withstanding the demonic spirit trying to lure her soul.


She perceived his struggle as if his mind told him to step away. Yet his mouth moved towards hers with irrevocable insistence. He cupped her face with his hands and met her lips like a hushed whisper, barely touching. In that instant, she fully opened to him, spread out for him like a feast that he could plunder at will, her look further inviting him to devour her. Her lips parted, but their gazes didn’t. It was as if their gazes linked their souls, binding them as surely as if the tether were tangible. He brushed her mouth once more, and again she didn’t oppose him. She becam…

My Personal Review for Love Means...Family by Andrew Grey

Andrew Grey is one of my favorite authors to stalk...err to read I mean. I was thrilled to see that 'Officer Hunky' AKA Officer Duane Keenan would finally get a story of his own in this charming series. If you haven't picked up one of this author's books, I suggest trying the Love Means... series.

Robert Edward Hawkins or ‘Arie’ to his friends has been through a harrowing experience, losing his sister and her family in a freak plane crash, leaving Arie and his parents lost, alone and drifting. Now four months later, his parents decide that since Robert is the last of their line, he needs to marry and continue the family name; which is quite hard to do for Arie since he is gay and refuses to put any woman or child through that just to settle his parents down, even if it is the grief talking at the moment. Visiting his friend Robbie on the farm seems like a logical thing to do, to escape from the grief and loneliness that pervades his family at the moment. Once there, A…

Welcome Ariel Tachna Today

After the “Happily Ever After” by Ariel Tachna
When you think of romance, you probably think of falling in love.  That’s normal and pretty typical, but anyone who’s ever been in a relationship that lasted beyond the first blush of emotion will tell you there’s a huge difference between falling in love and staying in love, a difference that is far more rarely explored in romantic fiction.  After all, we want to read about the butterflies in the stomach, the timid (or not so timid) first approach, the eyes meeting across a bar or a crowded dance floor.  We don’t necessarily want to read about the tedium of paying bills and refinancing mortgages and juggling schedules around business trips and school plays, and yet, as anyone who’s been in a relationship for very long will tell you, staying in love is hard work.  It requires commitment, negotiation, and above all, the choice to stay even when you’d like nothing more than to strangle your partner.
Several times over the past year and a half…

Dreamspinner Press New Releases for week of December 26th

Stolen Moments by Ariel Tachna
Contemporary, Novel
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After a year apart, teacher Jacob Peters and county judge Beau Braedon decide they can’t live without each other. There are just a few small obstacles to their Alabama love story. Jacob resents Beau’s paranoia about being outed, but Beau is convinced he’ll lose his seat on the bench if he admits to their relationship, and as a teacher at a Christian school, Jacob’s job is even more at risk. They could relocate, but Beau’s mother has Alzheimer’s and can’t be moved. And then there’s the tiny issue of Jacob’s infant son, Finn, and his mother, whom Jacob wed out of duty. In short, they are stuck.

But Beau has a long-term plan, and he’s prepared to swallow his fears and compromise with Jacob, because sharing stolen moments is no longer enough.

Vlad the Paler by Malthea
Fantasy/Paranormal, Novel
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When half-Korean sci fi-fantasy gamer nerd Cyrus Gae goes out clubbing on …

it's a Mancandy Tuesday~Not Work Safe


Welcome BL Morticia Today

What’s sexy about a man in uniform?
Greetings fans and welcome to another BL here at Dawn’s place. Thanks for having me.
Today, I wanted to talk about how sexy it is to see a man in uniform. In particular, Navy garb since my first full length novella, My Lieutenant is a Silver Star on ARE and was in the top 5 of gay mainstream romance books. *squee*
What’s so great about the matching pants and jacket? Or the cap that fits comfortably on his head? The top one, not the bottom one. *grins*
The style of the jacket that has the rows of gold buttons, making it even harder to remove when you want to ravage him. How about the slacks? Nicely fitted, not hanging off his behind like some younger guys wear their trousers. GROSS Nope. Nicely snug in all the right places, especially the crotch.
How about the fact everything must be in order before they pass “the inspection.” That story is next on the list! *wink* All the armed forces have that but the Navy is more spiffy than all the others.
How can you…