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We thought this an appropriate post for all should dance as they bring in the New Year.

Angelica Hart and Zi

There in the frost of offensive silence, he crossed the room stopping, his keen blue beige eyes instantly thawed that chill. She saw in his broad shoulders a champion, in the cut of his shirt a man of style, and from the tint of the musk of his cologne a man who must have haunted the dreams of so many women. He extended a powerful hand toward her, a hand that bespoke hard work, yet was groomed.


His voice was deep and rich. That simple query managed to release rushes she hadn't felt for so long. It was 1981, when Peter asked her to prom. She had not expected it, wanted it, but felt he should have asked another. Tonight, like that day she hesitated. This man much like Peter confidently waited for her reply. Eventually, her reply was the same as in 1981. "No!"

Back in high school Peter walked away. This night, this man, lifted the left corner of …

Getting to Know Author Scotty Cade

Why don't you start with telling us a little about yourself? What genre do you write in and why?
I started my life in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, better known as the Big Easy and was raised along with my two sisters in a very small neighborhood along the mighty Mississippi River.  I was undeniably a momma’s boy and enjoyed a lot of alone time with my stay-at-home mother before my younger sister was born, while my older sister was at school and my Dad was at work.  I spent fun days doing chores around the house riding on the back of her vacuum cleaner singing Etta James songs.  When the chores were done, we settled down for story time.  I truly believe that my love of reading and eventually writing was born.  But all that came to a horrible end when my baby sister was born and I no longer had Mom all to myself.  Then another horrible incident almost ruined my life, my sixth birthday and the first grade.  Oh Boy, did I hate going to school.  I went, but I went kicking and s…

Guest Author Shirin Dubbin

Pissed Off and Lovin’ It
by Shirin Dubbin
It’s the day after Christmas and my mind is fried. Or maybe baked. Heck, I don’t know, higher brain function is beyond me right now. Which makes what I’m about to say funnier than it might’ve been. I don’t know whether it’s the toasted state of my grey matter or the fact I’m on the downside of a romance but I’ve been thinking a lot about breaking up and…how to put this delicately? Aw, I ain’t got pretty words today, let’s call it what it is: angry sex. It’s so much fun! Haven’t you ever antagonized your sweetie so they can get all puffed up and pissed off, resulting in the two of you going at it—in a good way? Ah, the joy of the little things. ^_^
In my new release, Dreams’ Dark Kiss, I have a scene that goes there. After a night of fighting off corporeal nightmares bent on her destruction Ciaran, my heroine, gets mean with my hero, Keoni. They have a spat, leading to glorious body-rocking. I can’t share the entire scene but here’s a taste:

Get to know Sloane Taylor

Hi Dawn, thank you for having me out today. I’ve been looking forward to being grilled, er, I mean interviewed by you.:)
To get us started can you tell us a little about what you are working on or have coming out? CLAIRE DE LUNE is my newest release and is co-authored with the amazing Robert Appleton. Rob is a brilliant sci-fi author and I’m thrilled he wanted to work with me.
Here’s the blurb to entice everyone:
You’re invited to the galaxy’s most prestigious beauty pageant. Clothing optional. Romance and danger…fully provided…
Cocky young detectives Gerry Rappeneau and Sebastian Thorpe-Campbell arrive at the premier lunar resort expecting a week of eye candy and long massages. With a half-billion-credit purse up for grabs, this year’s pageant is the focus of a hundred worlds. And beauty isn’t the only thing in the eye of the beholder.
One contestant, Evelyn Lyons, is attacked and her assailant killed. Surely a simple case of a stalker gone mad, as nothing bad ever happens at the Selene c…

Merry Christmas to one and All

Have a very Merry Christmasto all my friends and followers.May you get all youwish for this holiday season.


Today we'd like to share a short Christmas story as a gift to all our readers.

Angelica Hart and Zi

The air snapped with cold, enormous faux candy canes bracketed the city streets along with various wreaths of garland while a festive din dominated in snatches of chatter that could be overheard yet not understood. Jeffrey Bains' jovial step mirrored the sentiment all around him. It was the season that spontaneously stirred, and he anticipated it with the zeal and delight of a child despite his thirty-some odd years. Once the turkey crowned the dining table at Thanksgiving until that baby new year let out a squeal, Jeffrey was well-bitten. But why? Or perhaps more appropriately phased, ready to bite. It was cookie time!

Only during the holidays did Jeffrey let go of his rigorous dietary routine, why, the sojourn to find, yes, the perfect, most decadent, aromatic, Santa pleasing, tummy satiating Christmas cookie. Friends, especially Eric, his bright, inventi…

My Review for His For The Holidays Anthology

His For The Holidays
Josh Lanyon, LB Gregg, ZA Maxfield & Harper Fox
Carina Press
Contemporary M/M Holidays
4 out of 5

Four stories of families, Christmas antics and the magic of the season as these talented authors transport the reader when reading HIS FOR THE HOLIDAYS.
First up is author L. B. Gregg’s Mistletoe At Midnight, a charming tale of first love revisited, forgiveness and magic all within the confines of a family who enjoy meddling. Can a man find a way to have his first love in his life again this Christmas?
 I have to admit, this author’s contribution had me in stitches. I loved the dynamics between Owen and his family, who all seemed to want to meddle in the poor man’s love life. The characters fairly stepped of the page and within a matter of minutes I was drawn into a story that had me flipping the pages with eager abandon, looking to see what would happen next for Owen and Caleb. If you haven’t read on of this author’s books, try the latest novella from LB Gregg and g…

Happy Winter Solstice to you!

Happy Winter Solstice/Yule everyone........Winter is here (or summer in other parts of the world).

A few facts on Winter Solstice/Yule:

1) It's the shortest day of the year.

We receives less daylight on that day than on any other day of the year.

2) The Romans honored the Winter Solstice with a festival called Saturnalia. During this celebration, slaves ate with their masters. 
Servants would feast with their masters, and a Mock King would be elected to preside over the festival. During this time, all schools would close, no prisoners would be executed, and people would parade about the streets dressed in masks or blackface.

3) The Scandinavian barbarians held a festival called Jiuleis to celebrate the solstice. The burning of the yule log came from this.  It is believed that the term Yule comes from this festival. The Norsemen would burn a log to repel the cold and darkness and the wood was thought to bring good luck to each household. Their King Hakon thought the festival sho…

Meet Author Lori Toland

To get us started can you tell us a little about what you are working on or have coming out?
I’m hugely excited about my release today “Home For The Holidays: A Replacement Guitarist Christmas” from Dreamspinner Press. I also have several stories coming in 2011, including “Trust in Me” from Loose Id.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Besides watching sexy men touching each other? Actually my guilty pleasure is brushing my teeth in the shower (no joke) because I feel like it’s wasting water. 
What is the hardest scene you have had to write (published or not)? Why? Oooh. That’s a secret but it is going to be in an upcoming book of the Replacement Guitarist series. It deals with a loss Jason experienced that haunts him always.
If you had a reporter follow you around for the day, what would the readers get to see in your daily schedule? Readers would see how harried my schedule is one day and the next day, I’m sorta twiddling my thumbs and busy for a couple hours. It makes for a bad writing sc…

Meet Sarah Madison

Tell us a bit about your latest book, and what inspired you to write such a story.
How far back do I need to go to set up the prologue?  I’ve been scribbling down stories since I was a very small child, drawing pictures to go with them, and binding them into books.  When I was seven or eight, television shows were often too intense for me to watch and I would turn the program off at the halfway point and write my own endings for the story. 
I remember very clearly watching Captain Kirk battle the Gorn captain on Star Trek and deciding that Kirk was in serious trouble and needed me to rescue him.  I turned off my grandmother’s television set and went outside to compose my own alternate ending to the story.  Almost a decade later, I came across Arena by Fred Brown in a science-fiction anthology.  I fell on it eagerly to find out how the story really ended.  By that point I was already a voracious reader—I read sci-fi, murder mysteries, non-fiction science and natural history, and just ab…