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Book Review: Moon Sworn by Keri Arthur

Moon Sowrn A Riley Jenson Novel, Guardian book 9 Keri Arthur Release date-May 25th, 2010 Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Obtained by self-purchase Reviewed for Love Romances & More Blog Buy at Amazon HERE
There comes a time when a series ends and the final book can either make or break it. In the Riley Jenson Series, we have seen Riley grow up, mature and find her place in a world where vampires, werewolves and other paranormal creatures reside. In the eight books before this one, she has wrestled with her desire for the whole white picket fence and kids dream with the fact she works for the Directorate & has to kill. With her twin by her side along with her vampire soul mate, this half vampire/werewolf is about to find her life to get a tad bit messy especially as a past foe comes back to finish what he started years before. Can Riley find the path meant for her or will she find herself dead?
I love Ms. Arthur's books and I am hoping in the future she comes back to Riley and her friends…

Getting to know author Charlie Cochrane

Can you tell us a little about how you started writing; was it something you have always wanted to do?
Not at all. Like many teenagers I dabbled with writing ‘slash’ (only it wouldn’t have been called slash then) but it was pretty awful. It was only as I hit my late forties I got into writing again (fanfic) and sort of took it from there.
Your work is very popular with readers and reviewers; how does it feel to have such positive recognition for your work?
Gobsmacking. Mind boggling. Seriously, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to getting a good review or receiving one of those lovely e-mails from a stranger saying “I really loved your story, because…” To open the inbox and find one of those waiting is the highlight of my day.
Of course I get negative reviews/comments as well, but that’s part of the game. The only proper public reply to a naff review is, “Thank you”, then you can go and swear and gnash your teeth in private. As my writing hero E M Forster said, “Some reviews give pain. T…

Choosing Words-Writing & Alchemy by Kenneth Weene

Choosing words
People often ask me when I knew that I was a writer. Now, I don’t mean, “When did I know that I wanted to be a writer?” which is a very different question. It’s the difference between a little kid saying he wants to grow up to be a fireman and the day the young adult dons his SCOT gear and doesn’t panic. For me the fateful day was right after Christmas vacation my sophomore year of high school. It had been a different vacation than those I had known. That fall I had started at a boarding school, where it was hoped that I would get a better education than in our local public school system. One of the many reasons behind this change was it allowed my father to take a sabbatical year off from his teaching job; he was on the faculty of the same public system that I was leaving. My parents were going to spend the winter in Florida. Even then it seemed like an unworthy way to spend a year that was supposed to afford either travel or education, but that was their goal. Now, at the…

Sudden Devotion by Nicole Morgan (Adult Excerpt)

Sara is inexperienced with men, but finds her untapped sexuality is bursting beneath the pressure of lustful desires. Mitch works with Sara and knows office romances can go horribly wrong, but that doesn’t stop him from going ahead with his plan to seduce her. Soon, the two find themselves in an erotic game of pleasure. Their affair proves to be more than either of them anticipated. After only a couple of days their relationship intensifies into a firestorm of passion and they begin to fall in love.
    Claudia works with them both and isn’t happy when Mitch rejects her advances. Not willing to take no for an answer she uses every form of manipulation to drive the couple apart. Is their relationship strong enough to handle the betrayal that they believe to be true? Or will the thought of losing each other be the catalyst to keep them together? Note: This book contains anal sex and menage elements involving only secondary characters.

Click HERE to buy from Siren-Bookstrand

Why I Love Good Bad Boys by Rie McGaha

I love good bad boys. Oops, don't I mean bad good boys? Nope, not at all. There is a difference, at least to my way of thinking. Bad good boys are the ones I don't trust. They're the ones who pretend to be good, kind, loving and caring, but they're really underhanded, sneaky, and probably snivel and cry when a good bad boy shows up! Now, there are also bad, bad boys who are just that. They're bad and don't care who knows it. They don't have anything good in them and wind up being the ones who beat the women in their lives, kick puppies and rob their grandmothers. Eeewww!  But the good bad boys, oh, give me one of them anytime.
A good bad boy is the one who is sexy, confident, loving, kind, protective, a little possessive, good in bed and the ones we love to love. They're also not afraid to be the tough guy when they have to be. They'll punch out anyone who disrespects a woman, kicks a puppy, or mistreats anyone …

Confessions of a Book Addict

I am at Alex Beecroft's blog today and for the first time, my inner book addict is coming out to play. Come on over and check out what she has to say and find out a little more about me. :)
Love to hear from you.


Angelica Hart and Zi

Not so long ago, our friend Angie asked us an assortment of questions, and we'd like to share. Also, we're adding a CONTEST to this week's blog:

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So, tell me what’s up? .

Angelica: I'm into a new health regime, limiting myself to only three cookies a day and one chocolate bar. Along, of course, with healthy fruits and veggies...bananas and corn. Ok...ok...I do know better but wouldn't that be grand if we could diet that way.

Zi: The CD Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Night Castle leeches at my sensibilities, pulling pristine thoughts of a sandy beach littered with love. Am I there? Of course, building sandcastles and inviting mistress and male to dance on its granite floor.


The Spice of Life with author Nina Pierce

The Spice of Life Guest Blog by Nina Pierce
“Wow, Nina you’re a writer? What do you write?” “Romance.” “I love romance. Boy meets girl. Girl plays hard to get. Sunset moment when everyone finds true love.” *sigh* “I’d like to read yours.” “Just a caveat…mine are spicy romances.” “Of course they are. All romances are a little naughty.” “Weeellll, it’s more than a little. Mine are true romances with the bedroom door wide open. There is no fade to black when it comes to the sex scenes.” Heavy pause. Whispered response, “Erotica? Why didn’t you say in the first place? What’s your website?”
I can’t tell you that’s how all the conversations go when I reunite with old friends and tell them about my new career. But it amazes me how many women of all ages are enjoying erotic romance. This genre that began in the back rooms of small internet publishing companies a decade ago has exploded in the digital age and has now gone mainstream with Berkley, Harlequin, and Kensington, just a few of the NY publish…

My baby is all grown up and off to Middle School

My baby girl, my first born, Emmalyne, "graduated" today into Middle School. Where I live, Middle school starts in 5th grade so today was a huge day for her. Lots of tears, hugs and cake as we celebrated her achievements and the end of another school year.

My daughter, Emmie, is second from right in pink tank top. This is her award for Exemplary Attendance.

Picture two is Emmie with her Graduation/moving up certificate.
This is Emmie's 4th grade class once they got their certificates.
Emmie's class in front of their class cake at end of awards day.

Getting to know Author Nicole Zoltack

Do you work on multiple projects at the same time? Yes. All the time. I constantly go back and forth between two projects. That way, if I become stuck on one, I can work on the other. Most of the time, one project is a novel and the other is a short story.
What do you hope for your writing career in the next few years? Any goals that you have yet to obtain that you have set for yourself? I hope to secure an agent and work up the publishing ladder to NYC publishing houses. Working on polishing up some query letters and I’ll start on the query-go-round.
When you're not writing, what do you like to do to just kick back and have fun? Spend time with my family. I love to take my son to the park or to cuddle with hubby and watch movies. I also try to find some time to read in between too.
Do you ever experience writer's block? If you do, how do you cope with it? Working on another project or skipping the scene that is giving me difficulty.
Were you an avid reader as a child? What…