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The Power of Positive Reinforcement by TM Hunter

The Power of Positive Reinforcement
by T. M. Hunter
Anyone who follows my blog or has seen my various articles on the web would know that I’m a big proponent of setting goals as a means to get jump-started on your writing and to keep it flowing. There are those who see goal-setting as bringing far too much structure into what is considered a creative endeavor.  I see it differently, and have a feeling there are many would-be writers out there who struggle with getting words out on the page just as I have in the past. They feel disappointed in themselves for being unable to accomplish what they want to get done, and these negative feelings feed upon themselves, which only propagates the issue farther. Six or twelve months later, you’re still looking to get your first draft finished or maybe even  the first page of your novel. In my own situation, thus was born the goal-setting life, and I have a feeling it will help any other struggling writer out there. Of course, I’ve written other arti…

Marketing Your Book and Yourself, Part II

“So that’s it? I set up a blog and a webpage and I’m done marketing my book?”

Hell, no.

In addition to a web and blog page, you will also need to establish an author’s account on some of the various social networking sites (SNS) available on the Internet. Facebook, My Space, and Twitter are the most common ones, although there are dozens of SNSs available. Set up profiles on as many of these networking sites as you want or on the ones where you feel you can have a greater presence. A great website for the serial social networker is, which allows you to post to numerous networking sites simultaneously. Just bear in mind that Ping should not be used as an excuse to establish a presence on every SNS available, because the more time you spend maintaining these sites and networking means the less time you spend writing.

You will also want to join a few forums and chat groups to make your name known throughout the community. I suggest a mix between those directed primarily to writ…

Welcome Author Rie McGaha

Can you tell us a little about how you started writing; was it something you have always wanted to do? I was born a writer and have done it since I learned to make letters. My parents say that I began telling stories long before I could write, and as a child I wrote all kinds of little tales for friends and cousins. I was in the 8th grade when I wrote my first "real" story. It was a historical western about a woman from the east who travels to the wild, Wild West to teach school in a small town and falls in love with the sheriff. I wish I still had it because I'd love to see how my 13 year old brain worked out the romance!
Who or what has been your biggest influence as a writer? I think it's been some of the classic authors like Theroux, Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, and many others. Modern authors like James Patterson, Stephen King, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Karen Marie Moning are great influences. As far as people I know, Jill Noble, (Noble Romance Publishing), has …

ARe and Smart Bitches Summer Give Away-CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT

All Romance E-store and Smart Bitches have teamed up to have a Sizzling Summer Giveaway this Summer. The details are as follows:

From ARe Newsletter:

Summer and romance reads go hand in hand, and ARe has joined with Sarah from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books to bring you the hottest reads for this season with Smart Bitch Sarah's Sizzling Summer Book Club.
Here's how it works... 
Sarah will announce her book club picks about every two weeks throughout the summer on SBTB and (here's the best part) All Romance ebooks is offering a 50% rebate on every one of Sarah's book club picks. When you purchase the club pick book on ARe or OmniLit, the rebate will be applied to your account in eBook Bucks at checkout. 
After about 2 weeks, Sarah will host live chat sessions to discuss the book. The chat times will be rotated so those in different time zones can participate. Sarah is taking suggestions for July so leave a comment on her blog or email her at sarahATsmartbitches…

I got a Creative Blogger Award!

I got to thank Linda La Roque for this honor. I am flattered and awed by it and would like to thank the academy...err wait..this isn't the awards show. *pouts* Oh all right, then a big thanks to Linda for this.

Now my instructions are as follows are to give you 5 truths and 1 lie about myself, or 5 lies and 1 truth. I've 1decided to give you truths.

To make this interesting, I'm having a contest. The prize is a $10.00 gift certificate to All Romance E-books.

To enter, become a follower of my blog and leave a comment identifying my one lie about myself. Correct entries will be entered in a drawing. The cutoff time is Monday May 31st at midnight. The winner will be announced on Tuesday June 1st around noon EST (USA time). This is open to international readers as well.

Ok now onto my truths and lie. portion of the segment. *grins*

1)My favorite Cheesecake is from Cheesecake factory and it's White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.
2) I live with a boytoy of my own and two…


Angelica Hart and Zi

As the writing tandem of Angelica Hart and Zi we confront the omnipresent obstacle of credibly selling seduction. The action of the artful lure of lust and love is and can be difficult. The line of demarcation between sensuality and erotica is hazy. The following is a piece from our manuscript in progress, It May Be Love. The writer of the e-mail was a man wanting to seduce, his heart was pure, his motivation honest, yet were his techniques apt, effective, or foolish?

Morning. The world of weather appears to have given wonderful, at first, it a light gentle rain. Not so wonderful later, so I read until I sat to write to you. The coffee is being shared alone, wish I had a smile to share with it, yours. The room is silent but for the ticky-tack of my keyboard, ticky-tack, sticky keys. The A and S keys. I have been writing steamy stuff lately. Why? My thoughts are with you. I hope this finds you well.

John Dryden wrote, “Thou strong se…

Talking with author Ed Williams

“The How To Look At A Woman Primer”
I want to talk today about our national pastime. No, we’re not gonna talk about baseball, cause that’s not our real national pastime. It’s certainly not the national pastime for women, and it’s not even the national pastime for men, if we‘re honest about it. If all of us men would come clean, the national pastime for us is, has been, and always will be looking at women. More specifically, looking at very attractive women.

We may as well just own up to it - we men would rather look at a nice looking woman than just about anything else. We’re biologically programmed that way. From the time the first hormones of puberty hit, we enjoy looking. And we continue enjoying it on up until we die. We can be young, old, married, single, divorced, employed, unemployed, white, black, red, yellow, tall, short, educated, or uneducated, and our one commonality is that we love looking at women. If any of you ladies out there doubt me on this, simpl…

A Writer's First Rule by author J. E. Cammon

A Writer's First Rule by J. E. Cammon
Being a writer, I often think about things to write about. Lately, I've had occassion to think on the writing itself, the act of organizing words into sentences, and sentences into paragraphs, and the phenomena of how all us writers came to the craft differently. I know one such who is a dream writer. His ideas don't come to him except when his thoughts are suffocated by sleep, then, while his conscious mind is dormant, his unconscious self plays at author. When he wakes, he takes these ideas and writes them down, spinning the ideas like a loom. Sometimes he removes the gossamer fog of sleep, sometimes he doesn't. Another writer I know tends to things as they come to her. Scenes, and sentences, out of her mind and onto the page as they occur in the cinema of her mind. Later, she pieces them together in a puzzle-like tapestry. And of course I write like I write, in purposeful order with shields all around my thoughts, ward…

Meet Author Mahalia Levey

Were you an avid reader as a child? What type of books did you enjoy reading?
I was a very avid reader as a child. I can’t recall a time where I didn’t have a book around me. Tikki Tikki Tembo by Arlene Mosel was my favorite story. I also loved Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, and Nancy Drew by Edward Stratemeyer
Tell us a bit about your latest book, and what inspired you to write such a story.
Embrace The Moment is my first series. It’s penned after my love of the military that protect us. I decided to do the Coast Guard because I’ve always loved what they stand for. Semper Paratus is my dedication to those who remain ~Always Ready~. There is  a total of six members on the team. Each will have their own story and will vary on different jobs the USCG does for our nation.
How would you describe your creative process while writing this book? Was it stream-of-consciousness writing, or did you first write an outline?
It’s funny that you should ask. I’m not big on outlining but fo…

Marketing Your Book and Yourself, Part I

“What? You mean I spent a year writing my book, six months revising it, and three years getting it published, and you tell me that was the easy part?”

Yup. [NOTE: Of all the authors I’ve talked to over the years, most have stated that the average time to find a publisher is six years. And that’s the average. One mid-list SciFi writer who is now well established told me it took him ten years to place his first novel. So don’t get discouraged after your first dozen rejection slips. This is a long and ego-bruising process.]

It’s time for the harsh reality. Your novel is a product. In the publishing industry, it’s one product competing with thousands of others just like it. If you’re really lucky beyond your wildest dreams, you’ll hit a homerun your first time at bat J.K. Rowling did with Harry Potter or, to a lesser extent, Brian Keene did with The Rising. For the vast majority of us, we have to work at building our reputation. You have to make the readers aware that your book is out on …

Welcome author Ben Leyb

Were you an avid reader as a child?
Definitely. Avid everything: reader, TV-watcher, baseball fan. My favorite books as a kid were the Miss Piggle-Wiggle books about kids who misbehave and get sent to stay with a funny old lady named Miss Piggle-Wiggle, who cures them by letting their bad habits run wild till they reform.
Tell us a bit about your latest book, and what inspired you to write such a story.  
My novel The Countess de Mondeau is a love story about two people who have to be together, despite all the odds. I enjoy love stories—just a romantic at heart. The book is set in Paris in the tumultuous Romantic era of the 1830s. I’ve always been fascinated by this time. Everything was up for grabs then, from the most intimate ways that women and men relate, to the largest political structures in society. One radical utopian movement predicted the coming of a female messiah, which figures into the book. It was also a time when salons flourished, and reputations were made or destroyed …